Welcome to Penny's Pet Grooming!

At Penny's Pet Grooming, I am dedicated to providing the best pet grooming services in Central Maine.  With my experience I will ensure that your pet is safe, gorgeous and happy in my care at all times.

                                                                          Penny's Pet Grooming is opening November, First! Taking appointments now!

      First Groom is $20.00 off.                                                                                             Pampered Pooches Club is monthly visits for Grooms only, they get $20.00 off each visit.

             Call or text 207-440-9428                                                                                                                                              "pennyspetgrooming1atatime@gmail.com "



I offer professional grooming services for any breed of dog call or text and we can chat 207-440-9428


I offer fixes for all of your dog's issues, boundary training, jumping, peace in your home, etc..  Call or text and we can chat- 207-440-9428

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an appointment for Grooming? Yes, that way I can have enough time reserved for each individual dog.

What is required?  Just certificate rabies. Something that has your dog's name on it along with the next due date or expiration date.

Introductory price for Grooming?  Yes. The first visit I do give 20.00 off of each dog. Monthly grooming gets a break as well because this world is a busy place, so I will help you out with monthly grooms. I would advise booking out for the year so you can depend on your space.

Why do you Groom?  Dogs are a lifelong passion of mine, and I love it. I like taking the crazy and stress out of dogs and their humans.

How much for Grooming? What is included?  Everything is included with grooming, whatever is best for your dog, he/ she will get because it's the right thing to do. We'll go over prices in human form, dogs have morphed into various sizes, coats, etc. so I can't give a price without meeting you and your dog. We'll figure it out together, I work as a team, the dog, myself and their humans.


My dog is scared to death of grooming, can you do my dog?  I may have to work with you, most puppies I can undo the craziness, an adult, we may need to use medication for a while, hopefully seeing one groomer and learning to trust, he will be okay in time.  I have a way with them, and everything usually works out very well.


Can I stay for Grooming? Yes, but please don't talk to your dog nor make any direct eye contact. We can talk. I need to build a relationship with your dog and unfortunately, I do the talking to him or her, no treats, I use positive reinforcement.


“I cannot express how much I appreciate Penny's Pet Grooming and Training! My dog has been looking and feeling better than ever since I started bringing him to Penny's. She is so kind and knowledgeable, and she always take the time to answer my questions. Thanks Penny!”

— John Smith

About Penny's

Penny's Pet Grooming is a dog specialty business in Hallowell, Maine. I specialize in providing Professional Pet Grooming. My goal is to create an environment where your pet will feel comfortable and safe, while also providing superior customer service.  I work with you to give you exactly what you want and need to make both you and your dog's life better.