The Doberman Family

        The Doberman Family has been around for centuries, they have a reputation it is business first and they have no tolerance for humans who appear the least bit squirrely. In a crowd of humans, you can always pick them out just by site alone. They all have shiny, jet-black hair and their skin is flawless with an almost rust tone to it which is quite striking. They as an entire family prefer to keep their hair very short, the women like to keep their hair in what is known as a pixie cut. They all seem to have a very fine pointy nose, regal looking in a way. They all have this way of always looking classy and graceful.

       The whole family is extremely athletic and excel in all sports. Jumping over six-foot fences is something the family loves to do when they would have their get- togethers for picnics, and it is commonplace for them to draw a crowd to gather around them. They seem to be a very confident bunch. It is funny how you never see one alone, they always seem to be in pairs.

     They all love their jewelry, preferring beautiful fine chain necklaces, it's rumored they love the sound the chains made when they would go on one of their instantaneous jaunts. It is peculiar to see, but they do this in pairs or more, and although odd, it is very beautiful and other humans come and gather just to watch in incredible awe. 

    Perhaps it is their rippling muscles and finely chiseled features and for some reason they all have beautiful feet and aren't afraid to show them off.  They each have an ability to sense when something isn't right. The Dobermans oddly enough all work for the C.I.A, or the F.B.I, men and women alike, even an occasional child if they are needed for a particular job. They are most commonly found in the areas of bomb detection specialists, search and rescue, lie detection, kidnapping, and snipers. They are immediately accepted in for these roles because with minimal training they become the best of the best.

    They never smell bad, and always look perfect, their hair is never out of place, and their nails- meticulous. They all have beautiful brown eyes; some say they can look deep into your soul and read all your sins; you can never hide anything from them because they just know. You can never hide anything from the Dobermans. They know if someone is evil as soon as that person enters a room, they tend to sense things together. They instinctively place themselves tightly around the evil person maybe to watch him closer, or to protect others from him.

    The Dobermans are a family that really stands out and if anyone gets an opportunity to be in their presence they shouldn't hesitate, because if you do, you will sadly miss out on a very beautiful thing.

                                                                                                                        Thank you for reading, Penny